Apple’s iPhone 3G doesn’t disappoint AND it’s cheaper

The next generation of iPhone is finally here and the improvements are well worth the wait. The new Apple iPhone 3G is sleeker, faster, and lucky for you, cheaper.

First of all, you will notice right away that the back of the new 3G is made of plastic. The 2G model is metal, but with the new antennas Apple put in, the plastic helps with better reception. The 2-megapixel cameras are still the same with both models, but the speaker on the bottom has changed. In the 3G, for example, the speaker has been improved for superior sound quality from the previous 2G.

Viewing images on the iPhone 3G will be much easier with the brighter screen and added speed of the Internet browser. Surfing the web will be just as convenient on your iPhone as it would be sitting at home on your desktop.

The biggest improvement of the iPhone is the price. Compared to the price range of the 2G, which was $400-$600, the 3G is far cheaper. The 3G can be bought from around $200-$300 which is still a bit expensive for me, but far less costly than the previous model.

Overall, however, I would love to own one of these phones because of the portability it provides. You basically have a miniature computer at your fingertips. With fast Internet access, an MP3 and iPod cast player, the iPhone 3G is worth every penny. And of course it comes in handy that you can actually use it as a phone.

The iPhone has its weaknesses with the “first week bugs” and other quirks, but Apple will eventually work those out. I would not let that keep you from purchasing one of the most convenient and portable electronic devices on the market today.