Halo Championship Series Re-Cap: Day 1

The first day of the Halo Championship Series at PAX East 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts was extremely exciting for Noble Black as they advance to the next stage in the tournament, which will begin tomorrow.

As for Day 1, Noble Black struggled and eventually lost to their opponent TGN Vibe during the first game of Capture the Flag on the map Shrine. That didn’t faze them as APG, Arkanum, Aries, and Maniac came back with a vengeance. Noble Black chained together back-to-back wins against TGN Vibe in Slayer and Oddball.

In the final game Bomb, Noble Black got caught off guard as a sneaky Blackjack, from the team TGN Vibe, very quickly armed the bomb right at the start of the game and put Noble on the defensive very early in the match on the map Warlord. That momentum kept Vibe going as they eventually took a 2-0 lead. Things turned, however, as Noble Black adjusted their strategy and eventually orchestrated a 5-2 comeback win to have them advance to the next game against Evil Geniuses.

There must have been some bad vibes in the air left over from the last game, however, as Noble Black lost to Evil Geniuses and were placed in the loser’s bracket.

Noble Black was about to hit a wall, a green one in fact, as their next series was against Optic Halo. In the first game of Oddball, Optic Halo dominated and took a commanding lead. Undeterred, however, APG, Maniac, Aries, and Arkanum patiently waited and methodically took the lead in the closing seconds of the first round securing the victory and getting an early 1-0 lead. The momentum carried Noble Black into game two with a win on Lockdown in the game mode Slayer. The tide turned, though, as Optic Halo took game three with a win in the game Bomb on the map Shrine. Noble Black closed out the series, however, with a strong victory against Optic Halo in the game King of the Hill on the map Warlord and with the spoils of war, they advance to the next round in the bracket.

Overall Noble Black looked very impressive, for example and highlighted below, during the game Oddball against TGN Vibe, APG just took over on the sniper rifle managing to get a triple kill and frenzy kill with the power weapon. The series thus far has been very entertaining. I am looking forward to what tomorrow will bring as the competition continues on Day 2. Be sure to start watching on Twitch as the action starts at 10am (EST).

Cheack out the footage below to get caught up if you missed out and view the awesome sniping clip from Noble Black’s APG!

Noble Black Recaps: