White Sox and Yankees Battle in the Field of Dreams Game Tonight

One of my favorite baseball movies of all time, besides The Sandlot, is the 1980s flick Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner. My favorite scene was when Ray met his father in the corn field and they started to play catch. It reminded me of when my father and grandfather did the same thing with me and my brothers growing up. Truly remarkable memories.

Tonight, though, there will be plenty of fathers and sons on hand tonight, if they were lucky enough to get one of those pricey tickets, to watch this unique game. The game originally was supposed to be played last year, but due to health issues, the game was cancelled.

Tonight, however, both teams will be playing in front of a crowd and will be wearing their throwback jerseys from 1910s and 1020s. You can watch the game on FOX or fuboTV tonight, August 12, at 7:00p.m. EST.

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