Marine Corps Inspired Uniforms for Navy vs Air Force Football Game

The U.S. Naval Academy has released their Marine Corps inspired jerseys for the upcoming Navy vs Air Force game on Saturday, September 11, 2021. The game will be held on the 20th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks. The uniform was made to celebrate the proud history of the United States Marine Corps.

“Inspired by the iconic “Dress Blue A” uniform, the 2021 USMC uniform shares symbolic elements from both enlisted and officer regalia. It draws parallels with white gloves, black cleats, red trim, and royal blue pants. The actual ensemble worn by a Marine is the only uniform within the U.S. Military designated to include this red, white, and blue color scheme.

Famously known as the “Blood Stripe” – this element first appeared on dress blue trousers in 1798. It was rumored to represent the bloodshed of Marines during the Battle of Chapultepec in 1846, but is more modernly known as a way to honor all our fallen and injured Marines.

The EGA has represented the title every Marine has earned since 1868. The eagle stands at the ready symbolizing the proud nation Marines defend. It holds a scroll in it’s beak which bears the motto of the Corps, “Semper Fidelis” which is Latin for โ€œAlways Faithfulโ€. The globe represents the Corpsโ€™ worldwide presence, impact and reputation as a fighting force that wins on behalf of our Nationโ€™s people and progress. Wrapped in rope, the anchor points both to the Marine Corps naval heritage and its ability to access any battleground across any coastline in the world.”