Knights Beat the Broncos in Come From Behind Win

I was really looking forward to this game only to find out that the Knights were in a three-hour weather delay due to lightning in the area, you have to love central Florida t-storms!  After switching back-and-forth between the game updates and watching the Red Sox play Tampa, the UCF and Boise game finally got underway. 

I was curious to see how the former Auburn coach Gus Malzahn would handle his new team and at the beginning of the game, it was not good.  First possession for the Knights and it ended up with a pick-six.  I go to the garage and grab a beer and it’s already 21-0.  Needless to say, Gus’ first tour out the gate was not going well. 

As things progressed, however, UCF started to settle down and got a couple of touchdowns to go into the half with a manageable ten-point deficit. 

Not sure what Gus said to the team at half-time, but during the third quarter the Knights scored fourteen unanswered points. 

In the end, the Bounce House was rockin’ as the Knights came back to defeat the Broncos and ended a very long night of college football, which I’m totally cool with.

Thank God college football is back!  Check out the highlights below.