Fired Up Saturday: College Football Week 1 in the Books, My Pick Results, and Still Warzone Plunder Grinding. Let’s Get it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I am still excited that college football is back!  Speaking of which, my Florida Gators ended up winning – no surprise – but my daughter’s Hookies upset my wife’s Tar Heels, surprise!  All-in-all a great weekend of college football and it was great to see the fans back in the stands with full capacity.  The Virginia Tech and UNC game, for example, was just amazing! 

Florida Gator vs FAU Highlights

What’s also amazing is that I went 10 for 15 in my college football picks, the obvious upset being Virginia Tech over North Carolina.  I thought for sure the higher ranking gave the Tar Heels the advantage, but the packed Lane Stadium pumping Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” was just too much to handle.  The other unexpected upset was LSU vs UCLA.  I went ahead and picked Clemson over Georgia, mainly because I thought Dabo had something up his sleeve, but I was not surprised to see the Bulldogs win this one. 

Lastly, I’m still grinding Warzone Plunder.  The quest to get a solo win in that game mode is still ongoing.  The highest I’ve been is third place, so hopefully I’ll get a win soon!  You can check out the highlights below. 

Looking forward to week two of college football as my Gators face the USF Bulls, which inconsequently is my wife’s other alma matter.  No matter, should be a great game! 

Enjoy the week!