Alabama Escapes The Swamp, AP Top 25 Released, and My Picks Take a Beating

The Alabama Crimson Tide was able to escape The Swamp alive, but they were hurt and proved they too can bleed.  The first half was very frustrating.  Inaccurate throws, dropped passes, timing was off with the receivers, and the interception.  The mistakes kept coming.  The Gators managed to get a second quarter touchdown, but then missed the extra point.  One step forward, two steps back, it seemed. 

Thankfully, the second half was much better.  Florida was able to outscore Alabama 20-10, but it just wasn’t enough.  I still don’t understand the call on the botched two-point conversion.  Everybody saw that play coming.  In the end, though, Florida gave Alabama a good fight, but just ran out of time and succumbed to the Crimson Tide with a 31-29 loss.

There were some positives, though.  Emory Jones, minus the interception, looked a lot better than the two previous games.  Florida also had the most total yards (439), Rushing yards (244), and time of possession (31:55).  That means the potential is there and more importantly, it shows that Alabama can be cut and has weaknesses. 

Hopefully there will be a rematch.  Bring on Tennessee!

The AP Top 25 Poll was released on Sunday, September 19th, and the Florida Gators stayed in the 11th spot as did Alabama (#1) and Georgia (#2).  Kansas State (#25), Fresno State (#22), and Michigan State (#20) were added to the top twenty-five.

In week 3, my college football picks took a beating. I went 1-for-5 and the only game I got right was the Georgia vs South Carolina match-up. I figured Alabama would beat Florida, but I’m not picking against my Gators. I was actually surprised Tech lost to West Virginia. The Mountaineers were playing at home so I’m sure that was a huge factor.

Hopefully next week will be better! Going into week 4 I am 10-5, so I’m still ahead. Definitely need to be more precise with this next round of picks, however.