The New META for Monday Night Football is the Manning Broadcast

I don’t always watch NFL football, but when I do I prefer the Manning broadcast. I have always liked watching college football over the NFL, but on occasion I do check out to see how the Carolina Panthers are doing. After watching back-to-back weeks of the Monday Night Football broadcast featuring Peyton and Eli Manning, however, I’m hooked!

The banter between these two, which is similar to how my brothers and I act, is hilarious. Bringing in legends such as Charles Barkley and Brett Favre into the mix is very refreshing. Speaking of refreshing, the main hook for me in watching these siblings take verbal blows at each other is the fact that there is NO politics. No covid panic porn. No social justice noise. Just straight up football. Two brothers who bring in some friends to talk about and watch football. What a concept!

If you missed week two’s broadcast, you can check out the highlights below.

Source: YouTube/NFL