That’s a Wrap! Gators End Season With Loss to UCF Knights

That’s it.  That’s the season.  Hard to believe that my Florida Gators came back from a second half deficit and came within three points playing against the Alabama Crimson Tide, but they can’t put away the UCF Knights.  If there is a word to describe how the Gators played last night it would have to be apathetic.  It literally looked like no one was interested, at all. 

With Emory Jones in the transfer portal and Anthony Richardson out for knee surgery, I guess it was inevitable.  I did think, however, there would have been some since of urgency.  I mean, they could have at least faked it.  You know, for the fans. I guess on the bright side, Emory Jones didn’t throw an interception during game. Thank God for that at least!

In any event, the horrible Gator season is finally over and we can now move on to baseball!

The Gators are now 2-1 against the Knights of Central Florida.

Until next fall, go Gators!