Florida Baseball is Back and Boston Wins in Overtime.

Even though it doesn’t feel like spring, currently 18 degrees and sunny here in West Virginia, baseball is back!  Major League Baseball doesn’t start until March 5, allegedly, due to the lockout. Thankfully, though, there are plenty of college baseball and softball games to enjoy. 

Florida won their season opener against Liberty, but lost last night 4-6.  The first game, Sterlin Thompson hit a Grand Slam, which gave Florida a comfortable lead by a score of 7-0.   

The Gators play their last game of the series against Liberty today (Sunday, February 20) at 12pm EST. 

In hockey, the Boston Bruins ended up beating the Ottawa Senators in overtime 3-2.  The Bruins were on a two-game losing streak and it looked like they were on track to drop a third, but Pastrnak scored in sudden death early in the OT. 

Next game will be on February 21 at 1pm EST against the Colorado Avalanche.