Elden Ring is Available in Four Days. Are You Getting It?

I beat Bloodborne but I couldn’t manage to get through Dark Souls III, yet I am very fascinated about FromSoftware’s new title Elden Ring. The game looks like it has character mechanics similar to Dark Souls, but the speed of Bloodborne. The trailer talked about a huge open map to explore, which is intriguing. If bosses become a nuisance and I can’t beat them, exploring different areas of the game will keep my boredom at bay. I like the idea of having a steed named Torrent, which allows you to travel to different areas of the map quickly, as opposed to constantly running everywhere like in Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

I’m not sure, though, if this will be a day one purchase, as I’m not looking forward to the frustration of constantly getting destroyed by big bosses. I am, however, curious about the open exploration and the new stealth feature that the character now has as a strategy to take down unsuspecting foes, including bosses.

I do love the open area concept, like in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, so maybe I’ll give this game a chance. If not, I can always just go back and replay Bloodborne.

Check out the trailer below. Elden RIng is expected to be released on February 25, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox X, Xbox S, Xbox One, and PC.