No Build Fortnite Team, Solo Wins and is This Mode Permanent?

One of the most frustrating things about playing Fortnite is the building, hands down.  With the recent update, however, this hasn’t been a problem.  For a limited time, possibly, Fortnite players can play the no building mode and quite honestly this game has been extremely fun.  So far, I’ve place top ten and top five positions several times, which for me is good.  I was able to finally win a solo match and teamed up with some online friends to get a team win as well, which can be viewed below.

As far as we know, this mode is a temporary thing.  However, according to a report from Eurogamer, the no building modes could possibly be a permanent fixture in Epic Games’ legendary shooter.  According to the website, a dataminer by the name of Twea found evidence of Solo, Duo, and Trio modes with the choice to not build during the matches.

If this claim and the evidence holds true, this could possibly bring in new players to play the game without having to worry about building. 

Time will tell, but I do hope it’s true.  Playing this game without building has been really fun so far and it is a refreshing break from Call of Duty’s Warzone Plunder.