Happy 15th Birthday to ‘Here Comes the Pizza’

Hard to believe it’s been fifteen years already, but on April 16, 2007, the beloved and legendary Boston Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy made one of the most iconic calls in Fenway Park history. 

Celebrating Patriot’s Day, the Boston Red Sox played against the Los Angeles Angels on a chilly spring afternoon at Fenway Park when J.D. Drew hit a pop fly into the stands on the third base side.  Attempting to catch the foul ball, Angels left fielder Garrett Anderson extended his glove into some fans, which ended up spilling one of the spectator’s alcoholic beverage.

Red Sox Baseball Analyst Jerry Remy then notices something flying through the air and hitting the unsuspecting fan on the jacket to which Jerry infamously said, “Here comes the pizza!”

Both Jerry Remy and his colleague Red Sox Announcer Don Orsillo start laughing about what just happened. They eventually are able to compose themselves and continue on calling the game.

The pizza thrower was ejected from the game for the incident and as Jerry Remy said, “Ruining a good piece of pizza.”

There were plenty of hilarious moments between Don and Jerry over the years, but the “Here comes the Pizza” affair has to be the best highlight of them all.

Check out the hilarious clip below.