Eck and Youkilis Talk About the Benefits of Wearing a Cup After Red Sox Catcher Gets Hit

The last thing on Boston Red Sox Catcher’s mind was getting hit in the, well, you know, but that is exactly were Kevin Plawecki got dinged in last night’s game against the Los Angeles Angels. After a slider pitch, the ball ricocheted off of the ground and straight into … uhh, Plawecki’s twigs and berries, if you know what I mean.

The bounce carried such force you could literally hear the knock of the ball off of Kevin’s cup. Thankfully he was wearing one, as Eck and Kevin Youkilis started to talk about the importance of using protective equipment during games.

“I don’t understand how infielders don’t wear cups.” Kevin said. Eck replied that he took his cup off due to some discomfort, but after a close call, he put the equipment back in place.

After a few moments to “catch his breath” Plawecki was ready for the next batter.

Make no mistake, this is painful to watch. Any man can tell you, trust me!