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Big Papi Stresses to the Red Sox the Importance of Keeping Rafael Devers Long Term

I don’t know what it is with the Red Sox, but they seem to always let good players go instead of finding ways to keep them.  Most recently, Mookie Betts, now with the LA Dodgers, and Andrew Benintendi who was traded to the Kansas City Royals, for example.  Some would argue money is a factor and others might say the player is not performing well enough, either way, both of these players are missed at Fenway Park.

With Rafael Devers having one year left of arbitration eligibility after the 2022 season, the Boston Red Sox have a huge decision to make. 

Red Sox legend David “Big Papi” Ortiz chimed in on the situation and is urging the Red Sox to keep the talented third baseman and 2022 All-Star Rafael Devers at Fenway Park.

  “As a fan, watching the game, you always expect him to come through.  I hope the Red Sox make sense about the decision they have to make about him,” David Ortiz said.  Big Papi continues, “We’ve got to keep Devers around. It’s the face of that organization, as of right now. Nobody can argue that.”

Devers is definitely a fan favorite of Red Sox Nation and will continue to be a force in the league whether he stays in Boston or finds a home in another city. 

I’m hopeful, though, that the Red Sox will come to their senses about Devers and keep him on the roster for a very long time.

Source: ESPN