Fired Up Saturday: No. 20 Florida takes on No. 11 Tennessee in SEC East Matchup

Week four is already upon us and the Florida Gators record sits at 2-1.  It’s not a bad start, but it’s not good either.  On prior posts, I predicted that Utah, Kentucky, and USF would be wins, I got two of those right.  My Kentucky pick ended being wrong, very wrong.  This week, however, Florida plays Tennessee and as a famous Star Wars character once said, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Billy Napier coaching QB Anthony Richardson / Photo by Andrew Spivey via

Coach Billy Napiers has got to get Anthony Richardson settled in the game sooner than later and how does he do that?  Give him the damn ball!  Let Anthony Richardson use his legs and it will open up opportunities to use his arm.

My biggest worry, though, is the defensive line.  They need to rush the quarterback.  Both Utah and USF wins were by the skin of the Gator’s teeth because of last minute interceptions.  Granted this is good, but the defense should not have let both Utah and the Bulls move the ball in position to win the game.

An additional concern is Tennessee’s quarterback, Hendon Hooker.  His statistics are very impressive.  He has a 69% passer, 844 yards passing, six touchdowns, and zero interceptions and we are only in week four.  If the defense can muster up some pressure and force Hooker out of the pocket, the Gators may net an interception or two.

If Florida can multitask by using Anthony’s legs and to put pressure on Tennessee’s quarterback, Hendon Hooker, my Gators might have a shot at winning this game.  That said, this game makes me very nervous. 

Gut check time.  My pick for this week’s matchup against Tennessee is Florida, but not by much.  Final Score 24-27.

Let’s Get fired up!