Finally!  Red Sox Sign Raphael Devers to an 11-Year Deal.

Better late than never, but the Boston Red Sox finally signed their best player to a 11-year contract worth $331 million dollars.  The Red Sox front office has been taking a lot of heat from Boston fans for taking way too long to sign Devers, especially after letting Xander Bogaerts and J.D. Martinez go via free agency. 

I know I was getting frustrated with the situation.  I can understand letting Xander and Martinez go even though it still hurts because of all the great memories these players have given Red Sox Nation, but not Devers. 

J.D. and Bogaerts have passed their primes (both players are in their 30s) and are honestly not worth keeping, especially for long term deals, when the Red Sox still needs work in the pitching department. 

Devers, on the other hand, is just now coming into form plus he is only 26 years old, which means he has plenty of good ball left in him.  Even legendary former Red Sox player and Hall of Famer Big Papi stressed the fact that Boston needed to keep Devers back in July of 2022.

Whether or not Raphael Devers is worth every penny has yet to be seen, but if he plays anything like he did last year, he is on the right track.  Boston’s star third basemen made a second consecutive All-Star team and belted 27 homers in his 2022 season with the Red Sox. 

It’s definitely good to have him playing in Fenway for a long time and more importantly having him be the face of the Boston Red Sox franchise for years to come.