Warzone II Plunder Stream on Rumble

With an old computer like mine, I haven’t been able to stream much as of late. Regardless, though, I decided to fire up the old PC and put on a live stream, this time on Rumble.

While I mostly stream on Twitch, I wanted to give Rumble a shot as it’s a new streaming and video upload platform. While the streaming and video service is still in its infancy, I do like it thus far. Mainly because it gives you quality options out the gate, unlike Twitch. There are a few issues, however, with Rumble versus the other streaming platforms. One of which, for example, is that I find the quality a little better on Twitch over Rumble. After the VOD processes, though, the end result is acceptable.

One other annoying thing about Rumble versus the other platforms is that every time one streams, you have to put in a stream key and link for every stream session. YouTube, Kick, and Twitch you don’t have to do this, which is way more convenient.

I’m sure there are other pros and cons, but right now I’m just messing around with the streaming service to see if it will meet my needs. Overall, its not a bad option especially users looking to start fresh on another platform. Check out the website below and the live stream from Sunday.

Link: https://rumble.com/