Patrick “The Great Hambino” Renna Interview on The Rich Eisen Show 

Patrick Renna, otherwise known as the “Great Hambino” from movie ‘The Sandlot’, sat down as a guest on the Rich Eisen Show a few days ago to chat about the legendary movie.  The Great Hambino talked about why ‘The Sandlot’ is such a great movie, what the actor James Earl Jones said to the kids, and his new merchandising line, Hambino Athletics.

‘The Sandlot’ celebrates its 30 year anniversary as it was released on April 7, 1993.


Talks about what James Earl Jones said to the kids on set @ 5:41 mark

The “You’re killing me smalls” line @ 8:21

Hambino Athletics clothing and merch line @ 15:00

Patrick Renna’s choice for greatest QBs of all time @ 21:37

Source: YouTube/RichEisenShow