The 2024 Washington, DC Auto Show: A Photo Essay

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, the family and I ventured out into the nation’s capital to visit the DC Car Show. We saw many different makes and models on display.  From regular cars to exotics, the car show had them all.  The show also showcased many hybrids and electric vehicles, like the Tesla Cybertruck.

The 2024 Washington, DC Car Show is from January 19 to January 28 and is expected to be back for 2025. For more information about the venue, visit the official website here and to view the 2024 program click here.

Ford Mustang at the entrance to the car show

The Chevrolet Corvette


Ducati and Lamborghini Combo

Motorcycles on display

The Star Wars Darth Vader car

Legendary cars from the past

Artistic Car

The infamous Tesla Cybertruck

And of course, the Bugatti

Scenes from the show floor