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REGIMENT is a military gaming community that focuses on uniting military service members and veterans on all fronts.

Our focus is overcoming issues that service members and veterans face. Cut from the same cloth, we will ensure that no one is left to feel alone, deserted, or weak.

REGIMENT supports causes that ring close to our hearts through charities and events.

You are not alone. We have your six. #TheRegiment

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Salute to Service: Cpl. Todd Nicely

Regiment Provides Vets with Free VA Assistance

Salute to Service: Lt. Vivian “Millie” Bailey

Salute to Service: Vincent “Rocco” Vargas

Salute to Service: FragArtist

NXRVELESS and DOCPOPZ Win Warzone Kill Race Tournament

Salute to Service: Sgt Major Thomas P. Payne

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