Remembering Red Sox Legend Jerry Remy

Growing up in South Carolina, I remember watching plenty of baseball.  It was either the Chicago Cubs on WGN or the Atlanta Braves on TBS, but I never really had a favorite baseball team.  After I got married, however, that changed.  My wife is from Massachusetts and so I could pick any football team I wanted, but when it came to baseball, I had no choice.  It was at that point I became a Boston Red Sox fan.  I honestly did not care.  I love the game of baseball and since the Carolinas didn’t have a team to root for, I became part of Red Sox Nation.

It wasn’t until the early 2000s before we started watching baseball regularly, correction, Red Sox baseball, as my wife and I got out of the military and settled in Florida.  We subscribed to DirecTV’s Extra Innings and was able to watch the NESN broadcast of the game.  I remember asking my wife, “Who are these announcers?  They are hilarious!”  At that time, it was Don Orsillo and, of course, The Remdawg.

One of my fondest memories of the infamous duo was in July of 2011 when they were calling the game at Fenway Park against the Baltimore Orioles.  The camera panned over to some fans and Jerry said, “There’s a couple of happy couples there, aren’t they?”  It was at that time one of the male fans grabbed his presumably girlfriend’s breast, which caught the NESN cameraman off guard. 

Jerry and Don lost it.  My wife, sister-in-law, and I watching the game lost it.  We laughed so hard and it wasn’t from the guy getting all touchy feely with his girlfriend, it was the reaction from Don and The Remdawg.  It was hilarious!  This eventually became known as the “Boob Grab”.

RemDawg will be greatly missed and it will won’t be the same without hearing his voice during Red Sox games next year.  

Buenos Noches, Amigo. Thank you for the memories, Jerry and may you finally rest in peace.

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