The Sun is Setting on Florida Gator’s Season

I don’t believe anyone saw this good ole fashion ass beating the Gators took last night against the Carolina Gamecocks.  Dropped passes, no sense of urgency from the coaches, and an interception.  Emory Jones only completed 17 of 30 passes during the game.  Granted he did score two touchdowns, but when the Gamecocks score 40 points, it really doesn’t matter. Needless to say, it was bad. Real bad. 

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think as a fan.  I know the rumblings on social media are calling for the firing of Dan Mullen, but who will Florida pick up if that happens?  I do know this, though, something has to change.  If that means a change at the coaching staff, so be it. 

It just boggles the mind to think that the Florida Gators were within three points to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide, but get blown out by a mediocre South Carolina team.  Only three more games left and they should be wins, but at this point in the season it’s anyone’s guess on how Florida will finish in 2021.