Red Sox Legend David Ortiz Will Be a Hall of Famer

Designated hitter (DH) and Red Sox legend has been just elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  David Ortiz made it in on his first year of eligibility and is the 58th player to do so. 

Originally signed with the Seattle Mariners, David was traded to the Minnesota Twins, but after six seasons he was released.  The Red Sox signed Ortiz in 2003 and the rest as they say is history.

I remember vividly watching the 2013 ALCS with my wife, who is from Massachusetts and a diehard Red Sox fan, against the Detroit Tigers and in need of some runs.  It was bottom of the 8th and Boston was down by four.  Ortiz comes up to the plate and with a swing of the bat, he crushed a towering grand slam!  The wife and I started jumping up and down screaming!  It was an awesome memory.

The Red Sox would eventually move on to win the World Series against the Cardinals, but I’ll never forget that hit against Detroit.

You can check out the hit and his career highlights below.