Bruins Beat Winnipeg, Green Bay Falls to the 49ers

Thankfully the shoulder injury to Marchand was not significant as he was back in the game against the Winnipeg Jets.  Originally listed as out for Saturday’s matchup, Marchand returned to the lineup to help the Bs secure the win against the Jets. 

  ”I didn’t expect to play today either. I have to give our training staff a ton of credit. They threw everything at it. This morning it felt a little better and I jumped on the ice and it felt OK,” Marchand said.

Steen scored one in the first and then Coyle tied the game up with two a piece in the second.  Early in the third period, though, Pastrnak scored the third goal during a power play, which would end up being the game winner. 

Boston’s defense managed to hold off Winnipeg’s offense and the Bruins earned another win at the Garden.

The Bruins face off against the Ducks of Anaheim on Monday, January 24th at 7:00pm EST.

Now on to football.  Admittedly, I haven’t watched much NFL this year, or last year for that matter.  I did want to catch this game, however, as I had hoped that Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers would destroy the 49ers.  That did not happen.

Green Bay looked good up until the blocked punt and score by San Francisco and then the momentum shifted.  The 49ers’ defense stepped up in the fourth by forcing a three and out for the Pack. 

Kicker Robbie Gould eventually kicked the game winning field goal sending San Francisco to the NFC Championship game. 

Overall, it was a really good game and I enjoyed seeing the snow fall at Lambeau Field, as it should be during playoff football in January.  The NFC and AFC matchups are expected to playout next weekend, so looking forward to that.  Would definitely like to see a Tampa Bay versus San Francisco NFC Championship. 

Aaron Rodgers will have some thinking to do about his future, but Green Bay will finish the season with a 13-5 record.