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Reality Sets in As Gators Fall to the Wildcats

I feel like the only kid in the neighborhood waking up on Christmas morning who didn’t get what they wanted from Santa Claus.  The morning after college football Saturdays has it’s ups and downs and today is definitely a downer.

The Florida Gators did not look like the same team as they did last Saturday against the Utes.  I even called the win yesterday in my Fired Up post, but like my other teams, the Carolina Panthers and the Boston Red Sox, my Gators let me down.

With missed throws, dropped passes, 2 interceptions, and a stuttering defense the Gators have a lot of tweaking to do before the next game.

Granted, the University of Florida football team is still in rebuild mode.  New coaching staff, young inexperienced quarterback, and a porous defense.  The good news is, those issues can be fixed and worked on.  The bad news is, Florida fans, myself included, are spoiled and want to win, now!

The Gators should bounce back against South Florida in week 3, but there is a lot to do.  Defense needs to stop the run, Anthony Richardson needs to be more accurate with his throws (overthrows and 2 interceptions), and the receivers need to make an effort to catch the damn ball!

Us Gator fans will just have to patient and deal with the growing pains of a young Florida football team.  In the end, though, I believe this group has great potential to be a force in the SEC East for years to come.