Nothing but Oregon State as the Beavers blow out the Gators in Las Vegas Bowl

That’s the season folks. 

I knew this game was going to be an uphill battle, but I did not think it was going to be a literal blowout.  The only positive note in this matchup was that the Gators finally scored a field goal close to the end of the fourth quarter, which preserved their record of the longest scoring streak in NCAA football history.  The last time the Florida Gators were shut out was back in 1988.

Other than that, Florida Gator football was bad, really bad.  Both the offense and defense definitely smelt like swamp gas and played like it, too.  For example, the starting quarterback Jacob Miller III only threw for 180 yards and no touchdowns.  Now granted he did have a 59% passer rating (he was 13 for 22), but it didn’t matter as he didn’t connect with anyone in the endzone. 

Another sad note was that the running game was nonexistent.  RB Travis Etienne, as talented as he is, could not get a single thing going.  The future bright spot of the Florida Gator roster ran for only 14 yards. 

Richardson’s favorite target Ricky Pearsall was even ineffective.  He had one attempt for negative two yards.  That’s right, negative yards.  Like I said, it was bad.

”It’s my job to have the team ready to play.  We were not as ready to play as we needed to be.”

Gator’s Coach Billy Napier

I’d say that’s partly correct.  The team just didn’t have time to gel as a unit.  Timing was off, drop balls, penalties, and miscues was the modus operandi for the Gators Saturday afternoon.  In short.  The team just didn’t execute and the roster didn’t have the depth to adjust. As a result, Florida gets blown out in a bowl game.

So, what now? 

I’d advise Coach Napier to take advantage of the transfer portal.  In fact, I would have started making calls at the two-minute mark in the fourth quarter.  First and foremost, the Gators need a quarterback.  Miller had his shot, and maybe keep him as a backup, but he is clearly not the starter.  Beef up the offensive line to give RB Travis Etienne some help and bolster up the defense, they gave up 354 yards to the Oregon State Beavers.  Tweak special teams, they had a blocked field goat attempt, and the Gators may have the potential to have a winning record in the fall of 2023. 

Florida Head Coach Billy Napier gets a pass from me for this year.  The 2023 football season, however, he should have his culture in place and the excuses need to stop.  I didn’t expect much for 2022, but in 2023 I’m hoping for a winning record from my Florida Gators.

That said, bring on Florida Gator baseball!


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