Top 5 Call of Duty Games of All Time

With the upcoming reveal of the next Call of Duty installment, which I will give more details on later, I was thinking of which one was my all-time favorite.  There has been so many of them since the release of the first Call of Duty for the original Xbox back in 2003, which I still have.  Multiplayer started with the release of Call of Duty 2, but for me it didn’t start until 2007 with Call of Duty 4.  There have been so many good (and bad) memories of the franchise, but for the sake of time I’ll just list my top five Call of Duty titles of all time.

#5 Black Ops II (2012)

Starting with number five, it has to be Black Ops II.  It was the only Call of Duty game where I managed to go full prestige.  I also was able to get the sought-after diamond camo for my SMGs, which I normally don’t go after weapon camos.  My favorite map was Plaza and I would run and gun with akimbo Kap-40s, which drove players insane, the death comms were hilarious!  Black Ops II wasn’t the best in the franchise, but it was good enough to make my top five and it provided a lot of entertainment with my online friends.

#4 Black Ops (2010)

Even though I really despise the hit detection in Treyarch’s Black Ops series, I will admit there were a lot of memories made while playing Call of Duty’s Black Ops.  Throwing the tomahawk at unsuspecting foes was freaking hilarious!  Especially getting kills when throwing across the map.  It was also the first COD were I really played a lot of Search and Destroy, which I hardly ever played in past titles.  And, of course, who doesn’t remember playing and raging on the map Nuke Town?  Oh, the memories!

#3 Modern Warfare (2019)

My third all-time favorite Call of Duty is the 2019 release of Modern Warfare.  After a few titles with the dreaded jump packs, Activision decided to go back to the basics and keep boots on the ground.  Between bad hit detection issues with the Black Ops series, bad map design in Ghost, and the insane idea of jump packs in Advance Warfare and Infinite Warfare, it was a breath of fresh air to have a legit “normal” Call of Duty back.  Maps are a bit campy at times, but for the most part I really enjoy this version of the Call of Duty franchise.  In fact, I still play it today.

#2 Modern Warfare 3 (2011)

I played the beta to Treyarch’s WWII game World at War, but ended up not buying it.  I wasn’t a fan of Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 just didn’t have the magic that COD4 had, so when Modern Warfare 3 was released in the fall of 2011, I was ready.  So much so in fact, it was the first game I actually went to Gamestop and waited in line during the midnight release.  I also bought the hardened edition, which came with the COD Elite Founder card.  I remember rushing home to stream it on Twitch while playing with some friends.  I went 9-8 with two assists and got the final kill cam.  I was excited for the game and it was great to finally have that gaming magic back that I missed from the three previous titles.   

#1 Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (2007)

As I mentioned before, I didn’t start playing Call of Duty multiplayer until 2007.  That’s because I was busy playing Halo 3, but at the request of my brother I decided to try the game.  I bought COD4 Modern Warfare and honestly did not like the game at first.  I went back to Halo, but after a few days I decided to give the military shooter one more chance.  I can’t say what made me switch, but after playing the game a second time, I was hooked.  Running and gunning was all I did and I would use the silenced AK-47 with blue tiger camo, martyrdom, and the three grenades perk.  It was awesome!  One of my greatest games is listed below on the map Shipwreck were the three-grenade perk was very effective.  I went 32-9 and it was glorious!

Call of Duty has given me and my friends a lot of great gaming memories over the years and it’s hard to believe that the series is almost twenty years-old.  But what will the next Call of Duty look like?  We will find out very soon, in fact.  To watch the video game reveal, you will want to participate in the Call of Duty: Vanguard in game live event.  All you have to do is play in any playlist on Warzone between the hours of 9:30am to 10:29am PT on August 19, 2021.  At 10:30am PT, the Battle of Verdansk will start and players can view the trailer in-game.