Update: Dan Mullen Fired!! Mizzou Beats Florida in OT Finish; Gator’s Downward Spiral Continues.

Update: University of Florida has fired Dan Mullen.

Not sure what to think anymore and I can’t find a more powerful word to describe how bad the Gators are this year.  Abysmal?  Atrocious?  Unacceptable?  I’ll just keep it simple and call the 2021 Florida Gator season for what it is, sad.

If the trend continues, Florida will not make a bowl game this year.  The Gators have one last shot of qualifying for a bowl game during rivalry week against FSU.

With the lack of defense, direction from the coaches, and a lack luster offense I just don’t see them winning next week against the Seminoles.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Coach Mullen didn’t go for at least a field goal on the last drive that eventually put the game in overtime.  You can’t expect to win with passive game calling like what happened last night.    

I knew at that point that Florida was going to lose this game.

And they did.

Honestly, maybe I should jump on the fire Dan Mullen band wagon.  I want a coach with a fire to win or at least die trying. 

On to the FSU Seminoles next week and a (hopefully) very busy off season for my Gators.

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