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Top 5 Warzone Plunder Clips

I’m not a big fan of the battle royal genre, but with Call of Duty’s Warzone Plunder option, it offered a team deathmatch play style utilizing the Warzone canvas to play on. It also provided players to level up weapons and try out new meta styles without having to worry about dying and then waiting in que for a new game. With Plunder, players can just respawn like in Team Deathmatch. Unfortunately, though, in Warzone 2, this option is not available … yet.

With Plunder rumors swirling, it forced Raven Software’s hand, the developer for Warzone 2, on an update of the popular game mode.  According to Charlie Intel, a Call of Duty blog, Raven Software confirmed via a conference call that Plunder will be returning in “future seasons.”  Which season that could be is anyone’s guess, but there is some speculation that it could be season 3.

We are currently in Season 2, I’m 60% complete unlocking the Battle Pass, so I’m very optimistic to see Plunder’s return in the coming weeks, hopefully! In the interim, though, I’ll keep grinding Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All until the next update drops.

Whenever Plunder does come back, though, I’ll be ready! 

In the meantime, feast your eyes on my top 5 Plunder clips from Warzone 1.

#5 – Death From Above

#4 – Dead Silence Against Troll

#3 – Tea Baggin’ Camper

#2 – Hacking Equipment

#1 – 3v1 Team Wipe of Campers

Source: 2 Devs Confirm Plunder Will Arrive in Future Seasons