Fired Up Saturday: My Picks, Hacker Perk Wins Again, and Spooky Season is Here!

It’s gameday, let’s get fired up! 

After beating South Carolina last week, which I got that pick wrong, Kentucky will face the Gators at home in Kroger Field, Lexington, Kentucky today.  Even though the Gators are 33-1 against Kentucky, the Wildcats are 4-0 and ranked second in the SEC East, so they should not be taken lightly.  Florida will be against the home crowd as well.

That said, though, the Gators are third in rushing in the Southeastern Conference, so if they can keep pounding the ball and using Emory Jones when needed, Florida takes this game easy.  Another thing to keep in mind is that Florida held Alabama to only ten points in the second half of that game, so if the Gator defense can keep the momentum going into the second half, Kentucky will find it challenging to score late in the game.

Now on to my picks.  I went 3-2 on my picks for last week, so not bad and for the season I’m still positive with a 13-7 record.  I’d like to get a perfect score this week, so I’m going to be a bit more strategic.  This week I’m going with:

  1. Florida vs Kentucky – Florida
  2. UNC vs Duke – UNC
  3. South Carolina vs Troy – South Carolina
  4. Baylor vs Oklahoma State – Baylor
  5. Arkansas vs Georgia – Georgia (Honestly would not be surprised to see an upset here, but I give the edge to the Bulldogs because they are playing at home.)

After a busy week, I finally got the chance to play some Warzone Plunder last night and I threw on the stream as well.  Only a thirty-minute session, but I’ll take it.  No wins.  I didn’t even place top ten, but it was just good to kick the dust off of the PS4 and relax for a few matches.

One match, though, I ended up hacking a camping douche bags proximity mine and getting a revenge kill, which is always satisfying! 

Well folks, spooky season is finally upon us!  My boy and I will be setting up some Halloween décor early this afternoon while watching the Duke vs UNC game.  I love this time of year, but can’t believe the holiday season is upon us once again! 

Have a great weekend everyone!


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